Now I can jump
And I can fly.
I can almost
Reach to the sky.

Ol’ Superman’s
Not good as me,
From gravity
I’ve been set free.

I know that I
Can outrun Mike
Even riding
His brother’s bike.

They must have cost
Lots of pennies;
Mommy bought me

When you read Tennies try to capture, once more, the magic that kids feel when they put on that brand new pair of tennis shoes. There was no better feeling of lightness and speed, than when you first wore them. You felt as if you could run faster than anybody unless, of course, they had new tennis shoes too.

Remember when tennis shoes cost five dollars a pair? Maybe you’re not as old as I am. There were no little lights that flashed when you walked and there was no little pump with which you could adjust the height or firmness of the soles. Back then tennis shoes were not a status symbol. You didn’t have to worry about getting mugged by someone just because they wanted your shoes and you could buy an automobile for what you pay for a pair now.

Come to think of it, where I went to school, you usually kept your tennis shoes in your gym locker. The rest of the day you wore shoes or cowboy boots. Any girl would have been caught dead rather than wear them outside of gym class, and no one wore them to church.


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