He’s careful of the things he does
And of the things he eats for food.
Just when you think he’s quite a sage
He goes and gets himself tattooed!

He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink,
Such habits he has soundly booed.
Just as you think he’s one smart guy
He goes and gets himself tattooed.

There is just nothing one can do
That can make him seem more stupid,
Than a tattoo that says “MOTHER,”
Or hearts and a little Cupid.

You think decisions he has made
Have in the past been very wise,
And then he goes and has two rings
Implanted right above both eyes.

He’d climbed the ladder of success
But he’s back at the bottom rung.
His words are slurred, he can’t talk right.
He’s got a stud stuck through his tongue.

Some dumb mistakes can be erased.
His piercings Nature can undo
But one stupidity he can’t fix.
He’s stuck for life with that tattoo!

If you think tattoos are so cool,
Then answer this to prove you do.
To choose a surgeon for yourself,
Would you pick one with a tattoo?


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