He took her up the flight of stairs
And kissed her on her golden hair.
He tucked her in her little bed
And then he left her lying there.

He got back to his paperwork
And he had just begun to think,
When he heard her call out, “Daddy,
Would you please bring me a drink?”

He yelled, “Why do you need a drink?
Just shut your eyes and go to sleep.
Don’t bother me again,” he said
“Don’t let me hear another peep!”

She called, “Daddy, I need water,
Please bring me just a little bit.”
He said, “If I do come up there,
A spanking’s what you’re gonna get!”

But she knew just what she could say
To melt her daddy’s loving heart.
And she knew she’d get her water,
She knew it from the very start.

“Since you’re coming up here anyway,
Just to spank your darling daughter,
If it isn’t too much trouble
Would you bring a glass of water?


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