Spot Dog

Last night when I called Spot Dog,
An elephant came instead.
And when it got dark outside,
He curled up in Spot Dog’s bed.

I sure do like elephants;
I think that they’re kinda neat.
But they squash things they step on
With their great big ugly feet.

Today I found my puppy,
I have missed him quite a lot.
He’s always been my Spot Dog,
But now he’s just a Spot!

I think that young kids will see the humor in Spot Dog. The whole story is clearly ridiculous, including the making of a spot out of Spot Dog.

Did you ever dream of having an elephant for a pet, when you were a kid? A lot of children’s poems are about ridiculous situations. Everybody writes about dinosaurs, I happen to like elephants. They are hard to hide from your parents and are probably hard to housebreak.

There will be more poems about elephants.


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