Since Henry Moved Away

My life has now become a hoot,
Since stupid Henry moved away.
He’s no longer there to tease me,
The times I go outside to play.

No one to thump me on the head,
No one to take my lunch away.
I know exactly when he moved
And I will celebrate that day.

I sure won’t miss his ugly face
And the gross things he liked to say.
I won’t miss the way he chased me,
I sure am glad he moved away.

No more grasshoppers down my back
And no more June bugs in my hair.
I sure am glad he moved away
And just you see how much I care!

‘Cause now, at school, recess is fun,
No more dumb Henry when I play.
No more stinky dumb dumb Henry…
I sure wish he hadn’t moved away!


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