Silver Chalice

The old priest had come to visit,
He was invited for the night.
He had heard about Housekeeper
And she was sure a lovely sight.

The young priest felt the old priest’s doubt,
And said to him, “Let’s make things clear.
Our relationship’s professional;
There is no hanky-panky here.”

Then he showed Old Priest a chalice,
Of which he was so justly proud.
He kept it on his closet shelf,
All wrapped up in a purple shroud.

The old priest had been gone a week,
When the housekeeper came to say,
That the chalice had been missing,
Since the old priest had left that day!

So the young priest wrote a letter,
To the Bishop about the theft.
“I am not the type to accuse
But it’s been missing since he left.”

The old priest responded quickly
“I hid your chalice,” Old Priest said,
“You’d have found it in your covers,
If you’d been sleeping in YOUR bed!”


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