Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus

Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus went on a dinner date.
They ordered the entire menu, brought out on one huge plate.

They both ate steaks, and chicken too, and then ate vegetables galore.
The waiter said, “The food’s all gone, there’s not one olive more!”

Hippopotamus ate the table, the chairs, and candles too.
Rhinoceros said the fish pond was his favorite kind of stew.

They ate the salt and pepper shakers, the napkins and their holder.
To correct their awful table manners would take someone much bolder.

They dined upon the potted trees from midnight until noon.
The two agreed over dessert, their date had ended way too soon.

Then one of them, we don’t know which, asked for a take home doggie sack;
That’s when the waiter told the two, they’d likely not be welcomed back!


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