Puppy for Christmas

I got a puppy for Christmas.
And I’m as happy as can be.
But it seems like my puppy thinks
That for a present she got me?

Mommy calls my puppy Piddles.
But Daddy calls my puppy Spot,
And it’s not because of color
It’s what my puppy does a lot.

I also got a baseball glove
And a game called Robotic Cop.
But don’t ever get a puppy
Unless you also get a mop!

Nothing teaches a child responsibility quicker than owning a pet. Of course if Mom and Dad do all of the feeding and cleaning up, the opportunity for learning is lost.

Someone once defined “puddle jumper” as a person that has a new puppy in the house.

The little boy in Puppy For Christmas has quickly learned one drawback for owning a puppy but he’s still happy because the rewards greatly outnumber the burden.


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