Probably Wasn’t the Same Lion

Strolling through the jungle,
Ted and his buddy Bryan
Were surprised to come upon
A very badly distressed lion.

It was sitting out there alone,
On the hot Savanna Plain.
Its paw was red and swollen;
They could tell it was in pain.

Ted was quick to tell his buddy,
His gullible buddy Bryan,
About the man Androcles
Who had helped a wounded lion.

How the lion in later years
Had returned the good man’s favor.
How in the Roman stadium,
The lion had become his savior.

Bryan walked over to the lion
And boldly took its swollen paw.
He removed an infected sticker,
As Ted stood there and watched in awe.

Ten years later, at a circus,
Ted and his longtime buddy Bryan,
Decided they would go and see
The world’s most ferocious lion.

When they stood by the lion’s cage,
Much to everyone’s surprise,
The lion walked right up to Bryan
And stared intently in his eyes.

Now Ted had become convinced
It was the lion Bryan had treated.
He said that Bryan should climb inside,
Saying how friendly he’d be greeted.

The lion ripped him limb from limb,
There wasn’t much left of poor Bryan.
Ted just shook his head and mumbled,
“Probably wasn’t the same lion!”


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