Pig Pen

My mommy said to me
“You’re dirty as a pig.”
When I find a mud hole,
I always like to dig.

So she called me Pig Pen.
I was muddy ’cause it rained.
Names never bother me,
But I think a pig complained.

My wife likes Precious Moments figurines. I saw one the other day of a little boy and a pig playing in a mud puddle. It cried out to be made into a poem. There is a character in the popular Charlie Brown comic strip named Pig Pen, thus the title, Pig Pen. The drawing is of the figurine so you can see why I had to write the poem.

Children seem to enjoy stories about other kids doing something that they shouldn’t do and would get fussed at if they did. Wonder why that is? Could that be the same reason why true-crime stories are so popular with some adults? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


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