When I’ve had an operation,
And I am scared to laugh or cough,
The thing that really makes me mad,
The thing that always tees me off,

Are acquaintances who visit,
Or even people on the staff,
Who think they are comedians
And think they have to make me laugh.

When I’m lying there in pain,
If I sneeze I’m going to die,
Why does every funny idiot
Just always seem to happen by?

Well I am making me a list
Of those who used my pain for play.
There is no way that I’ll forget,
I am going to make them pay.

I know one day their time will come,
It doesn’t matter where I am,
Be it just around the corner
Or in Rhode Island or Siam.

I’ll forego all other pleasures,
I’m looking forward to that day
When they’re lying there in pain,
‘Cause I’m going to make them pay!


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