Paid In Full

The Heavenly Court was packed,
The angel jury there.
As God would be my judge
What hope that He’d be fair?

For I had not been perfect,
That I had strayed was true.
The court appointed lawyer,
Would he know what to do?

Judge God said I had chosen
This lawyer long ago.
My chance of making Heaven
Without him, worse than low.

The prosecution gathered;
I felt waves of doom.
The team was led by Satan,
Whose evil filled the room.

Just then my lawyer entered
And I saw Satan blench.
He said, “Judge God, Your Honor,
May I approach the bench?”

He couldn’t hide his anger,
His whispers’ evil hiss.
I heard him ask Judge God,
“What trickery is this?”

“You know this man is guilty,
Much evil he has done.
How can this trial be fair?
The lawyer is your son!”

God said, “You are aware,
I promised long ago,
This lawyer is available
To everyone, you know.”

The Devil then showed panic,
He threatened an appeal.
God said, “There’s no higher court
And you can’t cut a deal.”

“The lawyer is my only Son,
He gave His life for this;
For those who will accept His help
There’s no way they can miss.”

I wondered how I could afford
A lawyer with such pull.
But when he handed me my bill,
On it was written, “PAID IN FULL.”

Paid In Full is based on a story that came over the e-mail. I get a lot of good ideas that way. I just think that it makes them a lot more interesting when they are put to rhyme. I have been hard on lawyers in some of my poems so it was a pleasant change to portray Jesus as our defense lawyer in God’s court of judgment. Jesus is one lawyer that anyone can afford and no one can afford to be without, his terms are reasonable and he has never lost a case.


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