He was a salty pirate
Who sailed the seven seas.
He stood aside for no one
And he never tried to please.

Then I met him at the dock
And I saw he’d lost a leg,
He was getting on quite nicely
On a shiny wooden peg.

I saw he’d lost some other parts
When I took a second look,
A patch upon his eye
And his right hand was a hook.

I asked about his health
And how he got his peg,
He said a cannon ball
Had blown off his left leg.

When I asked about the hook
He said when first he tried to stand
He forgot about the peg
And he fell and smashed his hand.

Then I asked about the patch
And he gave a sheepish look,
“I got a cinder in my eye
And I forgot about the hook.”

Even if you don’t have a sense of humor, you have to think that Oops is funny. People always laugh at pain. We have a saying in our family, “Nothing hurts worse then pain”. I could tell you several true stories involving pain that would have you rolling on the floor, but I think I will save them. I might use them in future poems.

This is another poem that I had named incorrectly. I was going to call it Peg Leg but when Ruth read it, she said “Oops”. This is a good example of how a good name can make a poem. The shortest poem in the English language would make no sense without its name. The words of the poem are “Adam had ’em”. Until you add the title, Fleas, it doesn’t make sense. In any case, don’t feel sorry for Peg Leg, he’s tough.


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