One Tough Poodle

A poodle went into the woods.
Just why he went there, I don’t know,
Because for a little poodle
That is a stupid place to go.

As he was strolling down a path,
And feeling very much alone,
He came upon a skeleton
That had a very tasty bone.

As he was chewing on the bone
He saw a bear behind a tree.
He thought, “Now that old bear is sure
To make a picnic out of me!”

But he kept chewing on his bone
And said, as if no one was there,
“I’m running out of things to eat,
I need to catch another bear!”

The bear heard this and ran away.
“That little poodle must be tough!
I don’t need meat for every meal.
I’ll just eat grubs and weeds and stuff.”

Now Tabby Cat had seen it all,
And hating dogs like all cats do,
Ran off to tell the coward bear
That what he’d heard had not been true.

The bear was mad as he could be
When Tabby cat explained the lie.
“I could have cat for lunch,” He thought,
“But first I’ll have some poodle pie.”

The poodle was no dummy dog.
When he heard the returning pair
He yelled, “Where is that stupid cat
I sent to get another bear?”


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