One Good Thing

My cataracts have thickened,
And my sight is growing dim.
My neighbors say, quite often,
That sometimes I don’t know them.

My ankles both hold water;
All the rest of me has leaks.
I have a hard time hearing
When a person I meet speaks.

My steps have grown unsteady,
And my hands both have the shakes.
Each thing I do depends on
How much energy it takes.

My coordination’s bad;
It’s all I can do to stand.
I look around just hoping
That someone will lend a hand.

One thing that keeps me happy,

Saves me from remorse and tears,
Is that my drivers’ license
Is still good for three more years!

Lately, there have been a lot of stories in the news about accidents caused by senior citizens whose driving emergencies exceeded their capabilities. Some seniors seem to be able to drive safely at one hundred, while others should have stopped when they were fifty.

We seniors all seem to think that we can react to emergencies, even at our age, just as well as we could when we were forty. Don’t be like the old man in One Good Thing. Turn your keys over to a more capable driver when you start to see that your reaction time is slowing down.


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