On the Other Hand

I have a good partner
That’s close as a brother.
At somebody’s first glance
We look like each other.

He has all the talent,
Smartest one of us two,
He mostly leads the way
In the things that we do.

Though I’ll take the lead
When we have a fistfight,
He is the only one
With the talent to write.

Even though he can’t read
What he’s written or signed
Unless he is reading
For someone who is blind.

To look in the mirror,
Our differences grow dim,
‘Cause he seems to be me
While I seem to be him.

When we have our coffee
We work well as a team,
Because I hold the cup
While he stirs in the cream.

We are a loving team,
To show how much we care,
We both fold together
When someone says a prayer.

When we do the laundry
I help with the folding
And when we build something
I do all the holding.

Which is one job I hate,
I don’t like it a bit,
When he misses the nail
I’m the one that gets hit!

I am sure that you’ve guessed,
And by now you must see,
Though only your left hand,
Just how much you need me!

When I had surgery on my left shoulder, I lost the use of my left hand for a month. My right hand really missed its helper. It was not real good at tying shoes by itself, even though it had led the way in the past, and was at a complete loss when applause was required. Since I had acquired the two as a pair I experienced a sharp decrease in productivity. That’s when I decided to write, On the Other Hand.


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