On the Edge

Last night I fell right out of bed
And landed on the floor.
I’m pretty sure that I don’t want
To do that any more.

I think that I fell pretty close
To the spot where I’d last been.
I never should have stayed so near
The place where I got in.

On The Edge of the bed is not the safest way to sleep. Falling out of bed is not a fun thing to do, especially if it is a part of a bad dream. When it is in a dream, it is usually the last part and that’s when you wake up with a start!

If you sleep on the top bunk, it’s really a rough experience. They say some dreams only take a split second. That means you could have a pretty nice dream on the way down with a sorry ending.

The little girl in this poem knows why she fell out of bed. She just stayed too close to the place where she got in.


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