Old Coots Fire Department

He called 911, his barn was on fire!
The Mad Dog Fire Department was the best.
His brand new hay-filled barn on fire
Would put these valiant men to test.

He telephoned them to please come quickly
And then rushed to meet them up at his gate.
But when he got there, they’d crashed through,
They didn’t take the time to wait.

They took all the curves out of his driveway,
They plowed straight through his near ripe field of corn.
They drove head long up to the fire
And crashed inside the burning barn.

The Mad Dog men scrambled off of their truck
And began to frantically fight the blaze.
With hoses and stomping boots
Each fought with maniacal craze.

There had never been such frantic effort,
As each man fought as though his life at stake.
With backs against their truck, they fought
With not one thought of rest or break.

In record time they doused the awesome fire
And as they stumbled choking from the smoke,
The fire chief checked each of his men,
Then spoke with voice, a raspy croak.

Today each Mad Dog became a hero
For they had saved my barn and half my hay.
To reward their valiant efforts,
No amount was too much to pay.

I told the chief, “Just name some need you have,
I don’t care how much money that it takes.”
The fire chief said, “I’m sure you saw
Our old fire truck could use new brakes!”


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