Of Growing Concern

Mom says I’m just a baby
But babies always grow.
I know that that’s the truth
‘Cause Mommy told me so.

Now I have got a problem
‘Cause I’m afraid of heights.
I think of it quite often
As Mommy feeds me bites.

My chair’s already tallest
I’m sure you are aware.
Today my Uncle told me,
It’s just a baby chair!

My cousin Ben’s little boy was playing with the pepper shaker at the dinner table. His grandfather told him not to play with it, because pepper is hot. The child replied that he would put it down until it cooled off.

It’s easy for children to misunderstand adults when so many words in the English language have several different meanings. A baby dog is a puppy that will grow big. But a baby chair is a chair for a baby to sit in.

In Of Growing Concern, the little boy wonders just how large his baby chair is going to be when it is grown. He’s not really looking forward to being up so high


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