It was two in the morning when they kicked in our door.
A body’s not safe in his home anymore.
They sure didn’t knock or ring our doorbell.
Just what had we done? They weren’t going to tell.

They put us in cuffs and took us down town,
Me in my ‘jammas, my wife in her gown.
At last they explained; we were snatched out of bed
They had reason to believe, we were Christians, they said.

We sat in our cells not daring to pray,
For fear of just what other cellmates would say.
They checked all our records and questioned each friend;
We knew all was lost, that this was the end.

But then what they told us, as they said we could leave,
Didn’t fill us with pride, it caused us to grieve.
Without further proof, they had no jurisdiction;
There wasn’t enough evidence to get a conviction!

We’ve all heard the question, “If you were arrested for being a Christian, could they find enough evidence to convict you?” I thought that the saying would make an interesting poem and wrote Not Enough Evidence for this collection.

It’s not a bad idea to ask yourself that question about anything. For instance, if you were arrested for being a good parent, could they find enough evidence to convict you?


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