Noble Stroble

They were attacked by Knork the Nave
Who strode the Gimble night and day;
But Stroble with his glaunt and spear
Had grumbled in to join the fray.

She watched her hero’s glaunt shoot flame,
Watched the brave and fearless Stroble.
Could any Grumnlin be so brave?
Gimble knew of none so noble.

Now upon his faithful grumble,
With spear and glaunt he slew the Nave.
Asked the Mommom hovering near her,
“Was your grandondon half so brave?”

The Knork now gone, the Gimble safe,
Stroble soon would grumble over,
Claim her rightfully as dunder
For a cromp in Gimble’s clover.

But alas, no paunchent brought her.
He buggled and then grumbled off.
Last she heard of Noble Stroble,
He’d started grumbling with a Strough!


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