Nine Lives

Our dumb dog killed the neighbor’s cat
And dragged him back into our yard.
That poor old cat sure looked as if
He had been treated mighty hard.

Mom knew our neighbors weren’t at home,
They’d planned on being out of town.
She said that she’d make things look right
While there was no one else around.

She washed the cat and dried him off
Fluffed him up with her hair drier.
Mom said that avoiding trouble
Didn’t make someone a liar.

We took the spruced up cat next door
And curled him up in his cat bed.
He looked real nice just lying there,
You couldn’t tell that he was dead.

Our neighbor said, when they got back,
His wife was really feeling down.
He said the strangest thing occured
While both of them were out of town.

“Last week our dear old Tabby died
We think from eating poisoned mice,
So we gave him a funeral
And then we buried him real nice.

What made my wife get so upset,
Was Tabby must not have been dead,
Because that cat dug himself out
And crawled back up onto his bed.

He really tore his gravesite up,
Down by our back yard garden path
But you know what was really strange?
I think he gave himself a bath!”


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