Never Ever Be Late

It was a goodbye party
For the village’s lone priest.
He’d served them for twenty years;
They were giving him a feast.

Chosen speaker for the night
Was a local politician;
Well known for his large ego,
And proud of his position

Everyone had finished eating,
But the speaker was running late.
The priest asked, “May I talk a bit?”
As he pushed back from his plate.

“This wasn’t my first parish
But it’s the best one that I’ve had,
Although my first impression
Was, to be truthful, very sad!”

“The first in my confessional
Confessed of a terrible life,
About how he’d embezzled funds
And cheated with his buddy’s wife.”

“He told how he had stolen
From his very best of friends;
And of manipulations
For some very selfish ends.

Just then the politician
Arrived with usual fanfare;
Apologized for being late,
And said that he had much to share.

“I’ve known Father since arrival,
And we’ve been close these many years.
He truly is a man of God,
A true stand out among his peers.”

“For twenty years I have admired
His impeccable discretion.
In fact I was the first in town
To go to him for confession!”


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