My Smile

I will always wear my smile
In everything that I do.
But my smile is not for me,
I just keep it there for you.

It gets me out of trouble
When I’ve been a little bad.
I pass it on to others
When I see that they are sad.

I must wear it carefully
Just to make sure it will work.
‘Cause when I’ve bested others
It’s mistaken for a smirk.

“It’s worth a million dollars,”
So my Dad is quick to say.
But for him it’s always free
‘Cause I’d never make him pay.

So I always wear my smile
Even when I’m feeling down.
Those times that you don’t see it,
It’s just covered with a frown.

A smile is one of Nature’s most powerful weapons. Most children learn of its effectiveness early in life. Unfortunately, some adults forget how to use it altogether.

A smirk and a smile often look alike. One big difference is that a smile is contagious while a smirk is not. The little girl in My Smile has mastered the use of this formidable weapon. Yes, it had to be a girl. When it comes to the use of a smile to melt a daddy’s heart, it is definitely a case of female superiority.


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