Mom’s Soup

My boyfriend asked if I could cook;
I said I’d fix a meal.
I had Mom’s recipe for soup
So it was no big deal.

I followed Mama’s recipe
And made my friend some soup.
It was the recipe she’d used
To feed my Girl Scout troupe.

As I had no fresh tomatoes,
I used tomato paste.
For meat I used left over Spam
‘Cause I’m not one to waste.

The spice it said that I should use
Was not one on my shelf;
I substituted celery seed
Much better for our health.

Some other things she’d written there
Were really hard to read.
They probably weren’t important,
Just things it didn’t need.

It said to bring it to a boil
But for the time I’d save
I put it in a plastic bowl
And in the microwave.

Mom sabotaged the recipe
She gave me for the soup!
She ruined my dinner with her prank
And all I made was goop!

I served it to him anyway,
No time to cook or bake.
He said that it was very good,
Just like his mother used to make!


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