Memory Book

He said he found a memory book
And that his memory had improved.
No longer would he forget a name,
All fear of embarrassment removed.

The book taught him to associate
New names and places with things he knows.
Like somebody with a name like Storm,
He associates with one who blows.

So I asked him what the title was,
For oft times I find I too forget.
He said, that often he still needs help
As he hadn’t got it perfected yet.

“What do you call that thorny flower
That everybody around here grows?”
I thought, “What simple things he still forgets.”
And I said, “I think you mean a rose.”

“There, you see,” he said. “That’s how it works.
Just a little jog is all it took.”
Then he shouted to his wife and asked,
“Rose, what is the name of my new book?”


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