Matty and Hatty

Two gray-haired ladies were eating lunch;
They’d been best friends for many years.
Through times of sadness and heartache
They’d shared times of laughter and tears.

When Mattie told her friend Hattie,
“It is very much to my shame,
But for the very life of me,
I can’t seem to recall your name!”

Hattie just stared without a word,
So Mattie said, “Don’t look at me so.”
Hattie said, “I’m gonna tell you,
How soon do you have to know?”

I know, this is yet another poem about memory, but isn’t that the biggest complaint that you hear seniors talking about? I had an English teacher in college my freshman year who told of buying groceries and forgetting her name. Back then you didn’t have your whole life history printed on your check. She casually glanced at her driver’s license to avoid the embarrassment of having to ask the cashier, whom she knew, who she was.


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