Make Believe Friends

My make believe friend
Asked, “Why are you sad?”
I’d just had an argument,
At lunch, with my dad.

My dad says that friends
Like him don’t exist.
That’s when my dad
Hit Joe with his fist.

My make believe friend
Said he didn’t care.
‘Cause Daddy had missed him
And just hit the chair.

Joe said that his daddy
And my dad agree.
They both don’t believe
In friends they can’t see!

Wouldn’t it be terrible if your make believe friend also had a make believe friend and you found out that it wasn’t you?

In Make Believe Friends, the little boy is sad that no one believes in his make believe friend. But he is sadder still when he finds out that his make believe friend’s parents don’t believe in him either. That’s the only real problem with make believe friends, you can’t share them with others.

I never had a make believe friend but I had a duck to which I told all of my troubles. I no longer remember just where the name came from but I called her, “Doodley Nothing.”

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#1 Jeremy D Edwards on 04.14.15 at 7:06 pm

My make believe friend was a guy named Pate

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