Lunch Guests

My daddy said my friends are nice
But some make him unhappy.
My daddy is a timber wolf.
And he can get real snappy

The Skunk twins aren’t allowed inside
When they come over here to play.
And somehow Dad can always tell
When we’ve forgotten to obey.

The Porcupines are not much fun,
They sometimes accidentally shed.
And I guess that’s why I got spanked
When we played bounce on Daddy’s bed.

My daddy’s busy all day long,
He huffs and puffs and blows things down.
But yesterday he took time off
To meet three new friends I had found.

Dad seems to like my three new friends
Named Jack and Jake and Little Jiggs.
I surely am surprised at that
‘Cause they are really little pigs.

But Daddy says they seem to be
A very very tender bunch.
He says that it would be real nice
If we could have them all for lunch.


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