Lucky Penny

Finding a penny
Dad says is good luck.
I found one shining
In a big pile of yuck.

I slipped and I fell
As I got my penny.
If that’s called luck
I don’t want any.

Children are taught superstition from an early age. The little boy, in the poem Lucky, had been told that to find a penny would bring good luck.

Who is supposed to bestow the good luck? Luck means that the future is going to be changed to benefit you and that would take the assistance of some sort of supernatural being.

Kids get a lot of help learning superstitions from sports figures. Sportscasters will often announce that a certain player is wearing his lucky socks or carrying some lucky charm. It is up to parents to teach their children that there is no such thing as luck. The future can be changed only by the way we live, by the choices we make or by the divine intervention of God.


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