Little Sammy Speckles

Everybody liked to tease
Little Sam about his freckles;
They liked to call him names
Like Little Sammy Speckles.

His Grandma saw him crying
And asked why he was sad;
He told her how the children
Were teasing him so bad.

She said, “I love your freckles.
Each one’s a beauty spot.
God loved you so very, very much
That he gave you quite a lot.

Just take a look at Grandma’s face
With wrinkles over all of it?”
Sam smiled from behind his tears.
And said, “Grandma, I don’t care a bit.”

He hugged his grandma’s neck and said,
“‘Cause those aren’t really wrinkles.
God loved you so very, very much
He gave you lots of crinkles.”

Some children seem to attract teasing like magnets. Kids jump at a chance to tease about just anything. But when the teasing starts, often a pack-mentality takes over and others chime in. There are not many lone teasers in the world of kids. Kids can be teased for being too tall or too short, too skinny or too fat, too nerdy or too dumb, the way they talk or the way they walk. In Little Sammy Speckles, the boy was teased for having freckles.

Parents should explain, to their children, that good-natured teasing can fast become hurtful. Even when the recipient seems not to mind or makes self-deprecating remarks about himself (or herself).

In this poem, the grandmother tries to help heal the hurt by giving a more pleasant sounding name to Sammy’s freckles and by calling attention to her own wrinkled face. Sammy, in turn, shows his love for his grandmother and gives her wrinkles an endearing name.


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