Little Donny Dragon

My best friend is a dragon,
Little Donny is his name.
He isn’t very pretty
But I like him all the same.

Last Sunday, Little Donny
Got kicked out of the choir.
They said that when he’d sneezed
It had set his robe on fire.

Then yesterday at recess,
He had a terrible fight.
With some idiot on a horse
Who claimed to be a knight.

Now dragons must be dreaded
Or that’s what I’ve been told,
But not Little Donny Dragon
He’s only ten years old.

He’s fun to take out camping
Because dragons never tire.
And if you lose your matches,
He can always light your fire.

At Donny’s birthday party
(I’m so glad that I had gone)
Because we got to watch him
Blow his birthday candles on!


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