Little Boy Pink

The doctor said, “For sure a boy”
And filled my wife and me with joy.

But later when he’d time to think,
He said we’d best change things to pink.

Then Aunt Mae said, (she’s never wrong)
“The mother’s voice, a girl child’s song.”

Great Grandma said, “She carries high.
The spot that girls will occupy.”

The mailman said, “She’ll have a girl.
Look how her hair has lost its curl.”

So old wives’ tales came thick and fast
We’ll have a girl for sure, at last.

We’ll decorate all things in pink.
We’ll even paint the kitchen sink.

We bought pink clothes and all pink toys.
All things for girls and naught for boys.

He’s here at last, what do you think?
Do boys look all that bad in pink?


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