Lie Detector Robot

A lie detector robot!
He knew he’d have to buy it.
He couldn’t wait to get it home;
To plug it in and try it.

He decided he would try it first
On his unruly teenage son,
To see what kind of mischief
He and his friends had done.

When his son came home at last,
It was late into the night.
He looked a sad example
Of a very sorry sight.

“So just where have you been?”
He asked his wayward son.
“Down at the City Library,
Reading books is so much fun!”

The robot whacked the long-haired boy,
A sounding knock up side his head.
“I’m sorry, Daddy, that I lied!”
The startled son most quickly said.

“An older friend bought us all beer
And we drove downtown to the square.
We flirted with the high school girls
That always hang around down there.”

“Then all us fellas got into
A baseball bat and tire iron fight,
With several punks who said some things
About the girls we thought weren’t right.”

The father angrily told him,
“From now on you had best not lie.
This new robot I bought today
Will bop you hard each time you try!”

The mother said, “You can’t complain
About the things your boy has done.
You weren’t an angel in your youth;
And after all, he is your son.”

A lie detecting robot
Is a hard machine to fool.
It walked up to the mother,
And it knocked her off her stool!


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