The salesman saw the two walk in
Carrying a brown paper sack.
The woman wore a brand new hat,
The price tag hanging from the back.

“We came to buy a car,” they said,
And they began to look around.
The salesman thought of wasted time
And couldn’t quite suppress a frown.

The man walked down the row of cars
As he chanted, “enni meenie”,
When he finished with “miney moe”,
He stood by a Lamborghini.

The salesman laughed at the old man,
“Three hundred thousand for that car.”
He’d seen his share of nuts before,
But these two were the worst by far.

The old man took the paper sack
His wife had carried in before
And dumped the contents of the bag
Out on the salesman’s showroom floor.

The salesman quick to count the cash
Found it a hundred thousand short.
The man said, “It’s my wife’s mistake.
Sometimes I think she’s not too smart!”

“She won’t ever listen to me,
She brought the bag out of the shed
I clearly told her this morning
ËœGet the bag from beneath our bed!”


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