Just Me

I am the only me you see,
There’s just one me and me alone.
The line is busy when I try
To call me on my telephone.

But there are lots and lots of you
And just one me, now is that fair?
I need a mirror to see me,
To brush my teeth and comb my hair.

But, when I come upon a you,
It’s easy to see every side.
There’re spots that I can’t see on me,
No matter how hard I have tried.

But I am glad that, in this world,
There’s only one me and not two.
I know lots of yous are needed
I’m glad that one of them is you!

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#1 Rukhsana on 11.04.12 at 7:54 am

Excellent! This poem is surely with an idea. I loved it.

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