Poor, poor, old Job, he had a wonderful life
With lots of land and a beautiful wife.
He owned all the cattle on a hundred hills
With big barns and houses and meadows and fields.

Then one beautiful day, we don’t know why,
God went out for a walk with old Mister Sly.
Now Job was the topic about which they talked
And God and the Devil made a bet while they walked.

For old Job, things went bad and then they got worse.
His friends all told him it was time he should curse.
But we know that God won and Job held the course,
Not knowing that God’s bet was his trouble’s source.

Then God made things better then ever before;
Compared to his new life, Job had been quite poor.
Now when things get as bad as I think they can get,
I wonder, could God have used me for a bet?


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