Jesus Saves

It had been a most terrible day,
The computers in Heaven were down.
The mood of the angels was dreary,
Even Peter was wearing a frown.

The failure had been no mystery,
All the saints knew the cause very well.
It had been a satanic virus
That was sent up from the depths of Hell,

The “Book of Life” had been deleted,
The “Record of Deeds” was history.
To separate the sheep and the goats
Now an unsolvable mystery.

The devil below was rejoicing
Because the chaos he caused was immense.
No longer restricted by records,
Not one person on Earth stood a chance.

Then came joyous shouting from Heaven
That awakened the saints from their graves.
The records of Heaven were not lost
Because everyone knows, Jesus saves!

Many years ago, in fact many more then I would like to admit, while Ruth and I were living in Tokyo, there was a particular railroad tunnel between Tachikawa and Tokyo that allowed easy access to graffiti artists.

The standard ‘Yankee Go Home’ had an addendum that said ‘Via Japan Airlines’. On the other side, some well-meaning individual had put in big block letters, ‘Jesus Saves’. It wasn’t long before some wag had placed a large metal S&H Green Stamps sign right below it.

We all know that God must have a sense of humor just to put up with the human race. I meant nothing sacrilegious when I upgraded that thirty year old graffiti to the modern computer age in Jesus Saves.


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