How I Became a Parrot

I told the magic genie
I wanted to be a pirate
And sail the seven seas.
I knew the magic genie
Wanted very much to please.

He knew that I’d return him
To his little genie bottle
If he didn’t grant my wish.
His bottle was quite crowded
With two monkeys and a fish.

So he tweaked his genie nose,
And he did a genie dance
With a lot of magic smoke,
And put me on a pirate ship;
I was there when I awoke.

When you instruct a genie
On what you’re wishing for,
You best pronounce your words real clear —
‘Cause “pirate” sounds like “parrot”
To a magic genie’s ear!

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#1 Jeremy D Edwards on 08.15.14 at 4:29 pm

I love that poem

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