Horse Egg

He was struggling with an egg;
Too much weight for his small legs.
“It’s a horsey egg,” he said.
I said, “Horses don’t lay eggs.”

When I asked him where he got it;
He said, “Down at the stable”.
I said, “Horses don’t lay eggs.
A horse just isn’t able.”

He said, “I’ll keep it by my bed
Until my pony hatches.”
I said, “Horses don’t lay eggs,”
Then both of us heard scratches.

He said, “Dad, my pony’s hatching,
Can I keep it Dad, can I?”
I said, “Horses can’t lay eggs,
A horse wouldn’t even try.”

But even Dads are sometimes  wrong
We like to say, “Baloney”.
I know horses can’t lay eggs;
But he can keep the pony!


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