I’ve got a secret hideout
In a very secret place.
I’m careful when I go there
I don’t want to leave a trace.

I’ll never tell my secret,
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I go there when I’m happy
And sometimes I go to cry.

Momma asked me where it is
Daddy asked about it too.
I said I couldn’t tell them
Not even one tiny clue.

Spot knows about my hideout
I know he won’t breath a word,
‘Cause dogs can’t talk anyway
At least not one I have heard

I’m careful when I go there
And I pick up when I’m through,
‘Cause Harry, Bob and Sally
And Pete and Bill use it too.

Every child needs a hideout; a secret place that he or she can retreat and feel hidden and safe. It may just be under a bed or behind a chair or in a closet. Country kids have a much greater choice of magic places to hide.

In Hideout, the little girl is very secretive about her special place’s location even though we come to find out that it is a time-share.


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