Grandma’s Got a Skateboard

Grandma’s Got a Skateboard

Our grandma got her a skateboard
And none of us know what to do.
We’re all afraid she might get hurt.
Because she’s almost eighty-two.

We called her favorite doctor,
Who is a veterinarian.
He said that’s much too dangerous
For an octogenarian.

He told us that our Gram’s old bones
Had gotten brittle as an egg.
He joked that he’d have to shoot her
If she fell down and broke a leg.

He said an eighty-year-old heart
Just can’t stand up to all that strain.
So we kids all went to see her
We’d not let Grandma suffer pain.

Because we all love our Grandma,
And want to keep her heart pumping.
Grandpa said that he would tell her
When she returned from bungee jumping.


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