Four New Friends

My new friends must like me a lot,
They asked me to play hide and seek.
So far I havent found a one
But it has only been a week.

They let me ride their bike downhill
But you would think, for goodness sakes,
That one of them, at least would say
“Watch out, the bike has got bad brakes!”

They appointed me as leader,
When they broke a windowpane.
As leader, I would be the one
To get their ball and to explain.

Today, at school, they sat with me,
They are a very friendly bunch.
They said that we’d be friends for life
As they divided up my lunch.

Good friends are really nice to have.
I’m glad that I have only four
‘Cause they like me so very much
I don’t think I could stand one more.

Four New Friends is about how we let people use us. We all do it and too often they are people disguised as friends. We want so much to believe that what they do is, in some way, out of friendship, when it is really for their own selfish reasons.

The little boy in Four New Friends is so glad to be liked that he doesn’t noticed that he is being used. In the last verse, however, he is beginning to see the light.

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#1 Jeremy D Edwards on 10.25.14 at 3:36 pm

That is a great poem

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