First Day Of School

The first day of school and he was still in bed.
I had do get him dressed, and I had to get him fed.
Why was it such a struggle to get him on his way?
The first day of school was such a trying day.

Then as I fixed his sandwiches, I had a funny hunch,
Might he be embarrassed for the kids to see his lunch?
The kids all made him nervous, he was the first to say.
He felt like they made fun of him when they went out to play.

Last night he had a crying fit; he said he wouldn’t go.
His head was on my shoulder; he was really feeling low.
When at last I got him out the door, with teardrops in my eyes,
I said, “Now you be good today,” and I promised a surprise.

I watched him as he walked away, each step he took a drag.
His sandwiches would all be crushed, the way he clutched the bag.
There was no way to make him see, no matter how I tried,
For the principal to act this way just wasn’t dignified!


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