He was young and he was strong.
He could run the whole day long.
With just the strength of arm and leg,
He could climb the highest crag.

He knew that with his strength alone,
He could protect both flesh and bone.
So he would climb the highest heights,
Just to enjoy the lofty sights.

One day with confidence sublime,
He thought that he would make a climb
Nobody else had made before,
A place where eagles feared to soar.

He climbed without piton or rope;
His strength was where he placed his hope.
But then he slipped with abject terror,
He knew he’d made a fateful error.

His strength was useless hanging there,
No way that he could climb on air.
His faith in self began to sway,
At last he thought, “Its time to pray”.

A voice from heaven said, “Let go,
Have faith, I’ll catch you, don’t you know?”
But he looked down at naught but space,
His sturdy heart began to race.

No catching hand that he could see.
God said, “Let go, don t you trust me?
“I love you God, and I know you care,
But is there someone else up there?”

How many of us have the faith to ‘let go’ when God says to let go? I got the idea for Faith from a skit put on by an evangelist who was visiting our church.

It is easy to get so self-dependent that we come to believe we don’t need anyone, not even God. Then something devastating hits us all at once and because we’re not used to allowing God in on our decisions, we don’t have the faith to let Him work it out for us.

In writing Faith, I tried to illustrate just that point. When God says “Let go”, we must be ready to let go.


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