Expiration Date

People think that things have changed
Since the Holy Book was written.
They say that God has changed his mind
Since His only Son was smitten.

They say that hell is just a myth
Because their God is much too kind.
To justify their favorite sin,
They claim the Scripture’s mis-defined.

Some try to change the Holy Text
To soothe troubled conscience questions.
Convinced the Scriptures’ Ten Commandments
Are really, onlyTen Suggestions.

To keep up with the modern times,
The laws once carved in solid stone
Can, as of now, all be ignored,
With sins no longer to atone.

The Scripture calls these people fools,
Who wager their eternal fate.
I’ve checked the Bible through and through,
It has no expiration date!

Nowadays we have a lot of denominations telling us that what we read in the Bible is not necessarily what God meant. They say that things are different in our modern day and that a loving God would certainly change with modern society’s needs. My Bible says that God does not change, that he is the same yesterday, today and forever. Those who write their own interpretation of the Bible, changing God’s gender or the sexual orientation of some of the Bible’s most loved characters, are certainly not divinely inspired. They ignore the warning God gives us in Revelations, 22:18. God’s food for our souls, unlike food for our bodies, has no expiration date.


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