E-Mail from Hell

They were going to meet in Florida
Where they’d spent their honeymoon.
He had planned to get there first,
And she would come next day at noon.

When he arrived at the hotel
He found some changes had been made.
A computer furnished for each guest
Included in the price he’d paid.

He’d send a note to tell his wife.
“Dear wife, They have computers here
To send e-mail to the ones you love,
It makes me feel like you’re quite near.”

“I’ve just arrived and got checked in
And found out they’ve arranged for you.
They plan to greet you here tomorrow
There’s nothing more that you can do.”

“P.S. Be sure you’re dressed in something cool
Because the climate here is queer.
It’s warmer then I had expected.
In fact it’s really hot down here!”

The address he typed had one mistake
And it would ruin a woman’s day.
It was sent to a brand new widow
Who read it and fainted dead away!


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