Dog and Cat Fight*

Now Tommy’s dog
And Sally’s cat
Decided they
Would have a spat.

As cat and dog,
Each of them knew,
That fighting’s what
They had to do.

Two days and nights
They fought and spat.
The dog on top
And then the cat.

If not for chores
They’d still be there.
Just teeth and claws
And fur and hair.

But Sally’s cat
Stopped fighting twice
To squall at night
And catch some mice.

Tom’s dog of course
Had cars to beat
And Tom’s homework
He had to eat!

*(Four counts per line)

I quite often, when reading to children, ask them to write a nonsense poem with four counts per line. It is a fun exercise and it is always amusing, and sometimes amazing, to see the verses that they come up with.

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#1 Ina Siemens on 03.15.11 at 1:27 pm

We really liked your poem, “Dog and Cat Fight”. It made us smile!
~Deb & Ina Siemens

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