He was going on a diet
And was going to lose some weight.
He thought it would make it easy
If he just watched the things he ate.

His doctor said, for it to work,
He’d see if he could make it fun.
If, each three days, he’d diet two
Then he could skip the other one.

He went back after just three weeks
And told the doctor he was beat.
He said he guessed the diet worked,
But all that skipping hurt his feet!

Why is diet such an unpopular subject when almost everybody does it?

I’ve been on lots of diets; I go on a diet every time Ruth goes on one because she does the cooking. The idea in “The Diet” would certainly be a good one if you could stick to it. There are banana diets, grapefruit diets and rice diets. Why not a skipping diet?

While we are on the subject, why do we call it skipping anyway? What is being skipped?

This poem has no moral. It is only supposed to be humorous, although diets themselves are never humorous.


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