Two little wooden dolls lay drying,
Side by side on a wooden table.
One doll decided his name was Cain,
The other doll had chosen Abel.

Cain asked Abel, “How did we get here?
I wonder how we came to evolve?”
Abel said, that someone had made them,
“That’s no difficult problem to solve.”

But Cain had different ideas
Of how the two of them came about.
“No one could ever have made my form,
Of that I have not one little doubt.”

Abel said, “But just look at us two,
A head, two arms, two eyes and two legs.
Someone has made us in his image,
We didn’t just evolve out of dregs.”

But Cain was right, he was so certain,
He told Able how they’d come to be.
Random lightning had struck a tree limb
When I explain, I’m sure you will see.

But look, we’re so wonderfully made,
There was surely a masterful plan.
But Cain said, “No way, I am certain
That no being made THIS wooden man.

I fell out of a tree as a twig
And then tumbled about on the ground.
Sand, pebbles and rocks, placed at random,
Carved and polished me ‘til I was round.

Then the rainwater caused me to swell
So that my legs and arms split apart.
Then the sun caused my pigmentation.
I’m the result of Ma Natures art.”

Abel said, “Now that’s convoluted.
For your ideas, I wouldn’t trade.
It’s much simpler to believe like me,
That we are most wonderfully made.

They argued all day in the sunlight,
As they lay talking, there side by side.
Each so sure of his own origin,
No compromise would either abide.

Just then a shadow loomed over them
And something gave each doll a light touch,
“I wonder why the paint isn’t dry.
I wonder if I put on too much.”

He turned them once more in the sunlight,
In the hopes that they soon would be dry.
When he had gone, Cain said to Abel,
“Well I wonder, just who was that guy?”

The evolutionists tell us that from whales to cockroaches, we all came form the same primordial muck. The creationists struggle with the age-old paradox, “Who created God?” The question is just as unanswerable as, “Who created the matter that life supposedly sprang from?” Scientists are now championing the Big Bang Theory. We celebrate Independence Day with lots of fireworks. Every time there was a big bang, someone was there to light the fuse. I like to think of the way my Grandfather put it. “If they are right, what have I lost? I have led a happy fulfilling life and have been a much better person as a result of my moral convictions. If I am right they have forfeited eternity.” As the Bible says, put that in the balance and weigh it.


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